Looking Back at Being the Executive Sponsor of the "CSO Experience" at GSX 2019

Author: Endera

Published: January 24, 2022


Looking Back at Being the Executive Sponsor of the "CSO Experience" at GSX 2019

Posted 10.16.2019 by Editorial @ Endera 

Endera at GSX 2019

Over the past few months, we've had the fortune of participating in several important safety and security conferences, starting with the ASIS CSO SummitNational Critical Infrastructure that took place in June of this year. 

Then just recently, in September, part of the Endera leadership team, including A.J. Cook and Bob Barbour, spent a week at one of the most prominent security industry conferences in the world, the ASIS Global Security Exchange (GSX). Our CTO, Jeff Highman, also joined us for a panel discussion, where he sat alongside Ken Senser, the longtime Walmart CSO, to discuss critical issues affecting security professionals. 

The GSX Conference drew over 20,000 security professionals – making it one of the largest security conferences worldwide. We partnered with the ASIS leadership team to make Endera the first-ever, and exclusive, sponsor of what the "The CSO Experience." 

It gave us an exciting opportunity to be able to interact with so many talented professionals in the risk, resiliency, and security profession under one roof. Our own A.J. Cook was invited to deliver a two-minute introduction to Endera in front of the whole conference. 

A Commitment to Security Professionals

Our attendance at these events illustrates a commitment to supporting security professionals worldwide. One example of that commitment is the exclusive report we released earlier this year, Security Executives on the Future of Insider Threat Management 2019, which takes a hard look at the business impacts of workforce-related incidents and the significant challenges found in securing the modern-day workforce.

To compile this report, Endera commissioned research firm Vanson Bourne to survey 200 security executives focused on insider threats, workplace safety, and security at enterprises with more than 1,000 employees to shed light on how these businesses are experiencing and addressing workforce-related incidents and risk. 

Also, check out some photos from the GSX 2019 event along with an interview video taken from the even – with our very own A.J. Cook. In addition to that, on November 18th, Endera will be sponsoring the Executive Summit Series in Virginia at Boeing Headquarters. Stay tuned for more information! 

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