What is Continuous Evaluation?

Relevant and timely insights that eliminate workforce risk.

You need continuous evaluation to understand the profile of your most valuable asset, your people, so you can take the most appropriate mitigation steps based on your corporate policy, regulations and business priorities.


Endera is the First Continuous Evaluation Platform for Workforce Risk

Endera is a purpose-built, highly secure, cloud-based platform that automatically delivers continuous analytics through notifications and risk alerts. It picks up where background checks end.



The Endera process.

Organization loads identity roster into the continuous employee risk evaluation platform

Endera’s proprietary data integration and ID matching enable business relevant, identity-based risk focus.

Endera’s platform provides daily scanning of thousands of external data sources

Employer receives privacy protected, secure alerts for further client investigation

Overview Video of Endera

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Endera By The Numbers

Years of Risk Evaluation Experience
External Sources Monitored
Risk Events Processed
Data Points Processed