Introduction to Real Time Risk Alerts

This ebook is a great place to start learning how real-time risk alerts work and discover 9 significant benefits they provide to employers.
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5 Ways Employee Screening Data Fails Security Pros

Accessing quality data is just the tip of the iceberg. Read this ebook to discover all the necessary elements of a successful risk alert program.
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The Security Pro's Guide to Measuring Insider Threat Risk

This guide provides a blueprint for effectively identifying and measuring risk to prioritize issues and focus security efforts.
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2017 Insider Threat Survey

We surveyed 278 business executives to learn about employee screening practices and discovered a significant post-hire security gap. See the detailed results here.
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5 Measurable Benefits of Real-Time Risk Alerts

Real-time risk alerts are not just about avoiding the types of events that make the headlines. See how real-time risk alerts deliver tangible everyday benefits.
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Keeping Your Company Safe

Check out how employers can continuously evaluate 20K+ data sources to identify risks BEFORE they escalate to threats.
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Automating DSS Compliance

Done manually, complying with DSS NISPOM Change 2 requirements is a costly burden. Learn how steps can be automated to improve results and lessen the administrative burden.
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Monitoring Healthcare Workers

In the healthcare industry, employee risk is transferred directly to patients. See how real-time risk alerts can help keep your patients safe.
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5 Reasons Periodic Background Checks are Obsolete

Learn the shortcomings of traditional post-hire background screenings and how to fill the post-hire security gap.
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Exposing the Insider Threat

Learn how to uncover unknown criminal activity within your workforce by implementing a continuous insider threat management program.
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National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence – Insider Threat Speaker Series

People represent the greatest risk to a company’s cyber security posture. Learn from leading experts in the field how to keep your businesses safe. Panel: Susie Hajeski, FBI; Jacky Kimmel, CEO, InfoTek Corp.; Raj Ananthanpillai, CEO, Endera (formally IDentrix).
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The Insider Threat: Enhancing Data Stewardship to Protect Your Information Assets

If you’re a government contractor with cleared employees, watch our complimentary webinar to learn how to identify insider threats, develop a culture of data stewardship, implement practical prevention recommendations, and enhance training policies.
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How to Address Continuous Monitoring for Cleared Employees

If you’re a government contractor with cleared employees, please join Endera (formerly IDentrix) and Cherry Bekaert for a complimentary webinar and panel discussion to learn about key issues that could directly impact compliance with the new DSS requirements.
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Case Studies

Case Study: Insider Threat Management for a Global Airline

One of the world’s largest global airlines with more than 60,000 employees helps more than 100 million travelers reach more than 200 destinations in 50 countries on six continents worldwide each year. Learn how this global airline used real-time risk alerts to manage insider threat risk.
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Case Study: Real-Time Risk Alerts For a Critical Infrastructure Provider

Learn how a company uses real-time risk alerts to identify and measure insider risk among a community of more than 30,000 contractors, 40 local unions, and seven regional transportation agencies responsible for maintaining critical infrastructure and regional facilities, such as airports, rail and bus terminals, bridges and tunnels.
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See Real-Time Risk Alerts in Action


Endera by the NUMBERS

Endera created real-time risk alerts in 2001 to help the FBI monitor flight school applicants.
Today, Endera is the leading provider of real-time risk alerts to both enterprise and SMB clients.

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