ENDERA IS EXCITED TO PARTNER WITH THOMSON REUTERS CLEAR Together, we're building the industry-leading playbook for automating the identification and analysis of new security and compliance risk.

The Next Generation Of Security Risk Management

By joining Endera’s leading platform for automated risk management with the Thomson Reuters suite of investigative tools, you can now use a single solution to:

  • Identify new security, legal and compliance risk in the workforce and supply chain as they happen with Endera’ automation and alerts
  • Investigate each new risk with the comprehensive searching and reporting offered by Thomson Reuters CLEAR
  • Substantiate each investigation by adding original source records and public documents to the file with COURT EXPRESS

Teams can also document the entire investigations process and get analytical insights into risk across their organization with Endera’s workflow management and reporting tools.

We’re giving security and risk leaders a modern playbook that is consistent, comprehensive and compliant for managing risk that provides immediate business value and creates a clean hand-off for partners in Human Resources and Legal.

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