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When Correctly Done, Consumers are Open to Biometrics

Biometric authentication has been around for centuries primarily for government, defense and law enforcement purposes. However, widespread consumer acceptance and adoption is only a decade old with Apple’s introduction of Touch ID in 2013 ...

BlogWorkforce RiskEmployment Screening

Workforce Risk Trends 2022

Most experts agree that the work environment post-pandemic has changed dramatically in terms of remote work, a tight job market, and reliance on freelancers and contract workers. Human Resources and Compliance and Security Officers face ...
Consumer Centric Data Privacy

BlogData Privacy

Embracing A Consumer-Centric Paradigm Shift in Data Privacy

Embracing A Consumer-Centric Paradigm Shift In Data Privacy Authored by Kwamina Williford and Brian Goodrich of Holland & Knight LLP on law360.com
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