Employment Screening Trends 2022

Author: Endera

Published: March 15, 2022

Know Before You Hire: Employment-Screening Trends in 2022

By Roy Mauer, SHRM

Article summary and commentary by Endera:

Post-pandemic hiring challenges continue to mount. Incentives, increased pay and even changes to hiring practices are being tested to overcome the unique labor shortages while ensuring safety and security of the workforce and businesses. Many employers, as noted by a recent SHRM article by Roy Mauer, are being pushed to faster hiring while being confined by traditional background screening practices, regulations, and a complex morass of privacy legislations

The article identifies changes that many employers are making because of the cumbersome nature of background screenings including forgoing them all together. Additionally, it reports on the recently passed California and Michigan privacy laws which eliminate the use of full birth date in criminal searches, which experts agree will lead to more false positives and disputes, which will surely slow the hiring process and potentially be subject to claims of wrongdoing and/or bias. This puts Human Resources in the middle of this process and makes them subject to potential litigation.

At Endera we have redefined the background screening process to overcome these and many other obstacles for both employers and job applicants during the hiring process. With @Trua, the first person-centric, privacy focused screening platform, an identity-proofed individual initiates the process and their inputted data is quickly verified against pertinent public records including education and any professional licenses, criminal and civil history, and any applicable sanctions. The individual verifies their data and reviews the resulting trust score (TruaScore) and summary report before sharing the information with potential employers assuring the accuracy of the information. This drastically reduces the strain on HR professionals while helping ensure an unbiased approach to hiring.

At Endera, we are committed to empowering consumer data ownership while still providing businesses the information they need to manage risk.

Read the full SHRM article here: https://bit.ly/3IxzMPm


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