Embracing A Consumer-Centric Paradigm Shift in Data Privacy

Author: Endera

Published: March 9, 2022

Embracing A Consumer-Centric Paradigm Shift In Data Privacy
Authored by Kwamina Williford and Brian Goodrich of Holland & Knight LLP on law360.com

Article summary and commentary by Endera:

Experts agree that post-pandemic work, in general and hiring, have changed. More organizations are struggling with traditional hiring processes and as a result are offering remote work and increasing reliance on freelancers and contract workers.

A critical and cumbersome part of the process is background screening applicants, which most employers require. Individuals, over and over, provide personal information including SSN to different employers. These companies retain and share the individuals’ sensitive personal information to 3rd parties to obtain background reports, subjecting companies and individuals to the risk of data breaches, loss of privacy and control of those individuals’ data.

This article supports putting the individual in control of their data. It details the myriad of state-level privacy legislations enacted and federal statutes being considered. These attempts to protect individuals result in businesses baring the burden of keeping up with the idiosyncrasies of each state’s regulations. A new process, the authors enumerate, has multiple benefits for both businesses and individuals.

Endera had already seen the inequities, unnecessary complexities and risks with the current way of doing business. Consumers have been crying out for protections. Government entities have been working to add protections, but on a system that is significantly broken and, some say, beyond repair.

We saw and acted on the need for an unbiased, consumer-centric approach putting the consumer in control of their data – and built Trua.

In this new approach, the identity-proofed consumer obtains their own background report. After their background profile is compiled and verified against public records, the individual reviews and controls who receives the information and for how long. Job applicants’ ownership of their data reduces the risk for the individual, ensures only correct information is shared with employers, and reduces employer liability and regulatory risks including FCRA concerns and potential wrongdoing claims.

Trua provides businesses with the information they need to manage risk for pre-hire decisions, while protecting individual’s data privacy.

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