Assuring Revenue for Large Online Marketplace

Author: Endera

Published: June 20, 2022

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“With Endera's CE, we enable revenue and brand assurance with our perimeterless workforce”

Director of Corporate Security, Large Online Marketplace


One of the world’s largest online marketplaces acts as a virtual contractor, allowing customers to book and secure home services through their website and mobile application. They employ a gig economy-sourced flexible workforce of over 4,000 contractors nationwide who act as the primary representatives for their brand and enter their customer’s homes to perform various tasks.

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To assure revenue and protect their brand’s reputation its imperative that their customers feel confident and secure when conducting business with their contractors. With such a large, virtual workforce the risk of having a contractor with a criminal record grows exponentially. One of our clients primary business objectives is to drive long term relationships with customers and contractors which requires continuous evaluation of risk events, not just point in time for when they join the client platform.

With Endera's Continuous Evaluation, they found a scalable, easy to use tool to evaluate continuous and ongoing risk events of their entire virtual workforce. Endera provides them access to the industry’s most comprehensive red flag alerts from criminal, civil, and court records nationwide so they can be proactive in deciding if a risk event warrants further investigation.

The client was able to enroll 4,000 gig economy and virtual workers while monitoring thousands of criminal, civil and watchlist sources. They were able to detect over two thousand events in the first 90 days and prioritized 300 events as critical – giving them the ability to proactively manage and mitigate risk.

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