Global Airline's Insider Threat Management

Author: Endera

Published: June 20, 2022

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“Endera's Continuous Evaluation alerts us of criminal conduct

so we can get out in front and respond as needed”


Internal Security Executive, Large Global Airline



One of the world’s largest airlines, with a workforce close to 100,000 people, helps millions of travelers worldwide get to their destination – safely and securely.

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They employ a large workforce including full-time, contractors and supply chain personnel. The internal security team is responsible for complying with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations to counter threats of terrorism and ensure the safety of its aircraft, passengers and employees.

With Endera’s Continuous Evaluation, the airline found a scalable, easy to use tool to evaluate continuous and ongoing risk events of their entire workforce. CE provides them access to the industry’s most comprehensive red flag alerts from criminal court records nationwide and national watch lists.

The internal security team was able to proactively understand and manage the risk profile of their workforce, easily categorizing risk trends against different segments of their workforce such as role, airport location and the type of event that raised the red flag.

Using CE, the airline was able to enroll 85,000 insiders and over 5,000 independent contractors in their supply chain while monitoring thousands of criminal watchlist sources. In the first 120 days Endera detected over 11,000 events – prioritizing over 1,700 as critical.


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