Endera-Thomson Reuters Partnership Provides Workplace Risk Management

Author: Endera

Published: February 10, 2022

Thomson Reuters and Endera have entered into a strategic partnership to provide a comprehensive pre-hire and workforce risk management solution for business enterprises.

Establishing trust in the modern-day workplace is increasingly reliant on how enterprises approach risks surrounding hiring, insider threats, and contracting decisions. These risks have become even more prevalent as the definition of the 'workforce' evolves with the global expansion of the gig economy. According to an Endera-commissioned survey of 200 security executives, companies suffer from at least 3 workforce-related incidents a week. Fifty-five percent of executive respondents admit that they are struggling to limit these incidents, and nearly half are not aware of any workforce issues prior to an incident.

Endera and Thomson Reuters' partnership is born out of a long-standing commitment by both companies to enhance societal trust and offer innovative, unmatched risk management tools. Thomson Reuters will now offer Endera’s core product offerings: TruaScoreTM and Continuous Evaluation.

TruaScoreTM is the nation's first person-centric, unbiased digital trust measurement platform, which provides an alternative to traditional background verification. Continuous Evaluation is the first cloud-based platform that delivers real-time alerts for potential workforce risk investigation.

"Individual privacy, talent management, and insider threats are top-of-mind for business leaders. Endera’s partnership with Thomson Reuters creates a solution that works for employers and employees," said Raj Ananthanpillai. "Our highly effective and secure tools, in combination with CLEAR's unmatched investigative capabilities, establish the level of safety and trust that all individuals should expect from a business."

"Risk management is being increasingly formalized across global organizations, illuminating the need for more relevant and timely insights in a rapidly evolving risk landscape. With Endera’s Trua and Continuous Evaluation features, our customers now have access to up-to-date intelligence about their workforce that single-point solutions cannot match," said Chris Macquire, General Manager, Corporates Risk. "We are pleased to be working with Endera to make risk-based decision-making faster, easier, and more compliant for Thomson Reuters clients."

Businesses deserve proactive measures that safeguard their information and enhance trusted protections, where employees and consumers remain the direct beneficiaries of increased enterprise safety and security. We are immensely enthusiastic and proud of the collaboration between Endera and Thomson Reuters to move business enterprises and our community forward to the next era of risk mitigation.


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