Why Use Endera’s Continuous Risk Evaluation System to Combat Insider Threats

Posted [post_published] by AJ Cook, Enterprise Sales Executive

Why Use Endera’s Continuous Risk Evaluation System to Combat Insider Threats

Previous blogs focused on why it’s important to implement a system that provides continuous, post-hiring risk evaluation of employees, as opposed to simply performing pre-hiring applicant background screenings. But actually implementing such a system as a reality in the enterprise is easier said than done.

In fact, it had never been done before Endera created the first continuous evaluation platform for workforce risk. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why Endera is such a uniquely powerful solution for unmanaged workforce risk.

Endera’s value comes from a unique ability to give clients unprecedented visibility into risk events so they can proactively manage workforce risk. This ability is made possible by a powerful, 3-step process:

Step 1: Choose what to evaluate

We continuously scans thousands of jurisdictional public data sources, including criminal warrants, arrests, bankruptcies, liens, lawsuits, foreclosures and professional licenses. Combing through thousands of record sources yourself would become an overwhelming task, consuming resources and time that you can better utilize elsewhere.

With Endera, we do the work and you control what data you want us to evaluate. For instance, you may merely need to review arrest records and not be interested in financial risk events. We fully customize our system to your business or organization’s specific needs — so you don’t have to waste time and resources on risk alerts that don’t pertain to your situation.

Step 2: Set up a customized system for alerts

Our continuous employee risk evaluation platform utilizes patented, sophisticated analytics, proprietary data categorizing and identity matching to provide business-relevant results. Algorithms for standardizing records, categorizing events and matching identities automatically handle the cognitive work on the back end.

Once we identify a threat, you receive privacy-centric, secure alerts through a Web portal or email to further investigate and quickly identify risks. On-boarding your employees roster takes as little as 20 minutes. As a subscription-based software service, there is no information technology implementation needed with our SOC II compliant platform. Our process does not interfere with your operating system. At the same time, security and privacy features are built into the platform from the beginning, so sensitive data does not leave the Endera system.

Step 3: Evaluate and mitigate your workforce risks.

The threats we identify represent a fraction of a percentage point of all the records that are reviewed — giving you only the most relevant results and saving you the hassle of countless false alarms. The alerts we provide are for red-flag purposes, giving you complete freedom to integrate these alerts into your existing processes and procedures  You decide whether you want to validate the risk event and how far you want to proceed.

You can use these newly granular and continuous insights into your workforce to take any number of proactive measures against insider threats —  including employee assistance programs, general awareness training and adjustments to access to sensitive systems — to mitigate risks before they impact your business. For pressing issues which you have validated, you can opt for direct HR action and disclosure of risk to clients or regulatory agencies.

A Dedicated Mission

The reason why Endera is the answer to unmanaged workforce risk lies not just the strength of our solution, but also the strength of our conviction. Our mission was forged in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks — when the FBI sought a better system to screen flight school applicants. Endera stepped in to develop the industry’s first automated, continuous insider threat management platform to effectively screen the flight school applicants.

Since then, we have widened our client base outside the federal government sector to include financial services firms, private contractors and transportation companies. We have helped big and small employers alike combat insider threats through new levels of visibility and actionable insight into the workforce.