Why Choose Endera for Enhanced Regulatory Compliance Around Workforce Risk

Posted 4.02.19 by AJ Cook, Enterprise Sales Executive 

Compliance and regulatory requirements are a fact of life for any company, and we’ve seen in previous posts how so much of compliance involves the human element. The reason is that any regulation around data, systems or other parts of your operation ultimately involves the people who work with those assets. That means your choice in managing workforce risk has a huge impact on your organization’s overall ability to stay compliant.  

Amid this reality, Endera’s unique solution for continuous workforce risk evaluation is the only choice that makes sense.  Here’s why:

An Industry Pioneer and Today’s Leader in Continuous Workforce Risk Evaluation

Simply put, Endera wrote the book and remains a leader today in continuous evaluation to keep unmanaged workforce risks to a minimum.  We formed shortly after the 2001 terrorist attacks to meet demand for new levels of insights into the workforce — specifically, the FBI sought a better system to screen flight school applicants after it became clear the 9/11 hijackers passed routine screenings to train on flight simulators. In response, Endera set a new standard for workforce visibility by developing the industry’s first automated, continuous insider threat management platform to effectively screen the flight school applicants.

Fast forward to today and you see Endera still setting the standard in all sorts of industries struggling with an ever more complex, connected and potentially dangerous workforce ecosystem. Regulations are as strict as ever, and ignorance is not an excuse for companies needing to grasp the nature and severity of workforce risk across modern enterprise networks of employees, contractors, vendors and other third party insiders.

In this challenging, extended workforce environment, Endera’s proprietary data integration and IT matching abilities enable business-relevant, identity-based risk focus at scale that help organizations go above and beyond in meeting regulatory requirements.

Powerful Workforce Visibility to Meet Tough Regulations

We’ve seen in previous posts how certain industries — especially financial services, transportation and government contracting — face heavy compliance burdens. The challenges are many: Some regulators, like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), rely on self-reporting.  Others, like SIDA transportation industry requirements, involve many different levels of access. And, as is the case in government contracting with the FBI’s specialized protocols and the U.S. Government’s overall 13 Adjudicative Guidelines, some industries face multiple compliance hurdles concurrently from different oversight bodies.

Amid these challenges, only Endera holds up with a continuous evaluation model that scours more than 25,000 sources of public records to find threats that will impact clients’ businesses. These include criminal warrants, bookings, arrests, sex offender registrations, bankruptcies, liens, lawsuits, foreclosures, professional and healthcare licenses and sanctions. Sometimes, people show up on criminal watchlists, another key data source that Endera’s system monitors. Others can appear on various sanction lists, such as financial investment professionals who violated the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. Attorneys can be on debarment lists. Only Endera delivers continuous visibility on all these fronts.

When you think about all these constantly changing information sources, it becomes clear how limited a view you get from even the best pre-employment employee screenings or background checks. Don’t base your regulatory compliance on a snapshot in time. Instead, choose Endera’s platform of continuous insight into workforce risks, with sophisticated analytics and identity matching to quickly focus on the workforce risks that you — and your regulators — care about most.