The ROI from Endera’s Continuous Insider Threat Evaluation

Posted [post_published] by Steve Izurieta, Chief Operating Officer

Organizations have a lot of choices for gaining more visibility into the workforce, but the field of options quickly narrows if you’re looking for visibility as powerful — and as ongoing — as Endera’s Continuous Insider Threat Evaluation solution.

The market is filled with information brokers, repositories and databases that inform a traditional background check.  Government databases like FBI RapBack and the SEC Sanctions List are helpful as well. But these sources don’t always talk to one another, and the amount of data or frequency of updates can vary.  Moreover, even the best information is typically only used for a one-time background check or pre-employment screening. That’s a lot of investment for just a snapshot in time.

Powerful ROI on Unmanaged Workforce Risk

Endera’s ROI comes in our unique ability to deliver continuous insights so you can proactively manage risk. We leverage AI and natural language processing to give you a unified view of workforce risk by scanning through more than 25,000 data sources — looking for risk patterns and early indicators of insider risk.

Financial, legal or family pressures affect how we work; they’re certainly scrutinized in most background checks to gauge a person’s likelihood to embezzle, perpetrate fraud or even commit an act of workplace violence.

Endera realizes these factors are important enough to gain continuous visibility around — with red flag alerts that help companies be more proactive. But especially at the scale of an enterprise, too much information can be just as bad as not enough. That’s why Endera blends powerful information gathering with equally powerful analytical algorithms and human analyst support to fine tune your search and pare down the results to only the most business-relevant and actionable.

A Competitive Differentiator in a Challenging Space

Compared to alternative solutions for visibility into the workforce, Endera simply does more for the investment. And this advantage is amplified when viewed against the size of the industry challenge. A recent Endera survey of more than 200 top security decision makers at large organizations found that on average, companies experience at least 3 workforce related incidents a week – that totals to 156 incidents per year!

The challenging picture that emerges is one of inadequate visibility and a need for more proactive and ongoing workforce management strategies to address an expanding pool of “insiders” who not only include full and part-time employees, but also increasing numbers of third parties and gig economy participants. Indeed, nearly half of businesses in our survey said they are unaware of any potential employee issues prior to a workforce incident, and most point to third party contractors and freelancers as the cause.

Against that backdrop, Endera is the clear choice for proactive and continuous workforce risk management strategies that identify these insider risks ahead of time, so they can be mitigated before an incident happens.