The Endera Advantage for ROI and Regulatory Compliance

Posted [post_published] by Steve Izurieta, Chief Operating Officer

It’s no secret that compliance and regulatory requirements are complicated by the scale and variety of the modern enterprise workforce.  Especially in heavily regulated areas like financial services, transportation, government contracting and other sectors — unmanaged workforce risk is a dangerous blind spot for organizations hoping to stay in compliance, and in business!

It’s also no secret that there are plenty of vendors who promise more visibility into your workforce through background checks and pre-employment screenings.  Unfortunately, these solutions are inadequate, leaving you vulnerable to considerable levels of unmanaged workforce risk. Only Endera takes you further, with a continuous workforce evaluation platform to maximize your ROI and keep you compliant.

The Status Quo is Not Enough

Today’s options for pre-employment screenings or infrequent background checks are simply not enough to meet your ROI and regulatory needs. Even the most costly of these status quo solutions are still just snapshots in time — blind to the myriad ways employees, contractors and vendors can become more or less of a threat over time.  

A typical screening or background check is filled with blind spots that threaten your company’s security. It’s an inadequate formula that relies on one-time visibility, followed by a lack of insight until it’s too late — with your view of risk coming reactively, after someone has already committed fraud, a cyber breach or even workplace violence. This limited ability to foresee and mitigate risk damages your brand and makes you non-compliant.

The Endera solution gets rid of these limits. Forged from our pioneering efforts on better workforce visibility for airline pilots in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Endra has matured our solution more broadly into a uniquely powerful tool for today’s enterprises to evaluate and mitigate workforce risk.

A Continuous Focus on Workforce Risk

Endera’s value on the compliance front comes from the continuous insight on workforce risk via a unique, identity-centric platform.  Our expert analysts leverage a powerful AI and NLP-driven architecture to help evaluate risks at scale through ongoing evaluation of historical and continuous events related to the workforce.

These insights are shared within the organization through a sophisticated, client-focused workflow management capability — including privacy-centric email alerts and tools to support client-defined investigations. Additional risk insight reporting helps segment risks and workforce members based on client risk focus.

The most actionable events and risk elements are presented to the client for use in the client’s own risk mitigation strategies and regulatory disclosures.  That means Endera’s platform works seamlessly with your own processes and procedures for HR interventions, employee assistance programs or compliance reporting.

Regulators don’t accept ignorance as an excuse when assessing fines or even suspending a company’s operations for being non-compliant. In other words, you’re on the hook for unmanaged workforce risk whether you know about it or not.  That means your ROI and competitive advantage can only come with the enhanced, ongoing visibility Endera provides with our solution for continuous evaluation of workforce risk.