Transportation Case Study

One of the world’s largest global airlines with more than 60,000 employees helps more than 100 million travelers reach more than 200 destinations in 50 countries on six continents worldwide each year. The airline has invested billions of dollars in airport facilities, services and technology to enhance the customer experience in the air and on the ground. The internal security team is responsible for complying with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations to counter threats of terrorism and ensure the safety of its aircraft, passengers and employees.

The Insider Risk Challenge

Although the airline had implemented post-hire background screening every two years for employees with special airport access, there was still concern about the potential abuse of airport access privileges to illegally traffic drugs, smuggle weapons or facilitate acts of terrorism. The internal security team began researching solutions that could alert the team to unknown changes in the criminal history of its workforce in order to avoid potential safety and security incidents, conduct employee investigations and prevent public relations damage.

The Endera Solution

With Endera, the airline found a continuous insider threat management solution that provided access to the industry’s most comprehensive source of real-time alerts from criminal, civil, court, licensing, permit and sanction records nationwide. Not only was the airline easily able to enroll more than 60,000 employees, but the internal security team was able to optimize alert volume to match their location footprint and areas of interest. Endera also allowed them to prioritize theft, assault and felony alerts for further investigation and follow-up action by HR or corporate security in compliance with FCRA regulations.

The Results

Within the first 45 days, Endera detected over 1,771 incidents, 14 recorded deaths and 55 bookings and arrest alerts that, after independent verification, could have resulted in special access suspension or employee termination. Although the airline was surprised by what employees were arrested for, they were pleased with Endera’s large number of data sources, ease of use and integration with internal security systems, policies and procedures, which allowed them to uncover potential insider threats before it was too late.



  • Enrolled 60,000 employees in continuous threat management
  • Monitored thousands of data sources for potential risk
  • Detected over 1,771 incidents within the first 45 days
  • Alerted the employer to 55 bookings and arrests for verification and investigation
  • Evaluated risk for follow-up action by Human Resources or security team


“As an airline, one of our concerns is not knowing the criminal history of our workforce. If we have employees that are willing to put packages of drugs on an aircraft, what else are they willing to do? Endera alerts us of potential criminal conduct so we can get out in front and respond as needed.”

Director of Internal Security Programs, Large Global Airline

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