Continuous Insider Threat Management

  • Leverage external behavior data to expose insider threats
  • Receive real-time risk alerts for employee criminal activity
  • Prevent potential workplace fraud, theft and violence

Comprehensive Public Data Sources

Endera delivers the industry’s most comprehensive, all-in-one source of near real-time alerts from federal, state and county public records nationwide.


  • Wants & Warrants
  • Booking & Arrests
  • Criminal History
  • Sex Offender Registrations


  • Bankruptcy
  • Liens & Judgments
  • Lawsuits
  • Foreclosures


  • Professional Licenses
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Healthcare Licenses
  • Concealed Weapons Permits


  • Healthcare Sanctions
  • OFAC Sanctions
  • Terrorist Watchlists
  • Criminal Watchlists

Detect and Reduce Insider Threats

Endera continuously scans thousands of public data sources to proactively alert organizations to potential high-risk individuals within their workforce.

Receive Real-Time Risk Alerts

Endera helps organizations stay ahead of security issues to mitigate PR damage, protect brand reputation and prevent negligence lawsuits.

  • Enroll employees into a secure risk assessment platform
  • Monitor thousands of data sources for potential threats
  • Detect high-risk individuals within your workforce
  • Verify risk alerts and investigate unwanted activity
  • Evaluate risk alerts, review audit trail and take action

Requires No Internal IT Support

Endera is a secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, available as an identity-based, monthly subscription service, without any software for IT to install.

  • Easy-to-Use, Web-based Dashboard
  • Online Onboarding and Enrollment
  • Customizable Data Sources
  • Automatic Email Notifications
  • Alert Verification and Validation
  • Built-In Risk Management Workflow
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