May 4, 2015

InfoZen Launches IDentrix for Continuous, Post-Hire Personnel Screening

BETHESDA, Md., May 4, 2015 – Today InfoZen, a leading provider of identity-based screening solutions, announced the general availability of IDentrix, a patented software that continuously evaluates personnel data and proactively alerts organizations to potential risks such as insider threats. IDentrix extends the value of a pre-hire background check throughout the entire employment lifecycle, using sophisticated analytics to continuously assess risk factors from all relevant criminal, financial and professional data sources to keep the risk profile current.

Traditional background screening methods aren’t equipped to meet the needs of today’s insider threat environment. Most organizations conduct a one-time background check during the hiring process, which fails to account for constantly evolving life events that impact post-hire personnel risk. Until now, executives have been forced to make security and compliance decisions based on dated background check information that becomes less accurate by the day. IDentrix addresses this critical gap through automated, continuous identity evaluation that alerts executives to potential threats and empowers a proactive approach to ensuring employee safety, protecting intellectual capital, safeguarding assets and streamlining compliance.

“People are dynamic, and so is the risk they pose to organizations,” said Raj Ananthanpillai, InfoZen’s chairman, CEO, and president. “Not only does IDentrix close the post-hire screening gap, it brings together every relevant data source for analysis, delivering an ongoing, 360-degree view of employee risk. We see a future where individuals earn a ‘risk score,’ much like a credit score, that they can use to validate themselves for non-credit related activities.”

IDentrix is a patented, cloud-based technology that brings together over 65 different publically-available identity attributes including criminal and court records. When IDentrix analytics identify patterns of risky behavior, automated alerts are sent to Chief Security Officers, Risk Managers, Loss Prevention Managers and other stakeholders who can then investigate further and take action in compliance with FCRA, FTC, and EEOC regulations. The analytics provided by the automated solution let organizations spot potential insider threats as they appear, rather than relying on manual background screens that take place every few years – often when it’s too late to act.

Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG) uses IDentrix to monitor its Secure Worker Program (SWAC), a trusted community that includes seven regional Transportation Agencies, over 40 Union Locals, and over 30,000 actively contracted personnel who are responsible for building and maintaining World Trade Center and the NY-metro region’s critical transportation infrastructure. According to the company’s CEO, Daniel Krantz, the SWAC program has proven effective in helping to secure these highly sensitive facilities. Since its inception in 2007, SWAC has identified and prevented thousands of undesirable individuals from using temporary employment to gain unrestricted site access to the region’s air, rail and bus terminals and infrastructure.

“IDentrix solves a real problem in the employment screening industry,” said Krantz. “The biggest vulnerability of RTTG’s trusted communities is the time period between individuals’ recurring background investigations. And, our biggest challenge in starting new communities is the high-cost associated with adequate screening. IDentrix delivers secure, reliable, and accurate intelligence that offers a potential savings of 40 percent over traditional methods, and provides near real-time visibility into critical intelligence. With IDentrix, our trusted communities will be able to rely upon public records alerts that warrant further investigation, rather than blindly and continuously perform background screening on large populations.”

IDentrix can be tailored to meet the unique security and compliance challenges of any organization, and comes equipped with pre-packaged customized options for enterprises within the financial services, healthcare, transportation and critical infrastructure sectors.  For instance, a bank may view employee bankruptcy as a higher risk factor than a DUI charge, whereas a taxi company would prioritize those variables differently. IDentrix also automatically creates a legally-defensible audit trail of background and behavior data to help companies cost-effectively comply with all relevant security and privacy mandates. Starting later this year, organizations will also be able to assign employees a “risk ID score,” similar to a FICO credit score, that analyzes a variety of factors to provide an easy-to-understand, 360-degree view of an employee’s risk level.

“We at Trak-1 understand people pose the greatest risk to organizations,” said Nancy Lynn Roberts, Esq., CEO of the nationally accredited background screening firm, Trak-1. “Security measures like background screening simply cannot stop at on-boarding. To protect your assets and critical information, and prevent possible threats, you need to understand what your people are doing – or not doing. This is why we have invested in collaborating with IDentrix to offer a quality continuous monitoring solution to our clients all across the country.”

The solution’s cloud-based delivery model is easy-to-deploy, does not require IT resources from customers, and offers subscription-based pricing that starts at $2 or under depending on the volume, per identity per month. It allows organizations to not only monitor their own employees’ risk after they are hired, but also that of third-party contractors, suppliers, and partners. IDentrix is currently managing nearly 50,000 identities across the health care, transportation and financial services sectors.

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