November 30, 2016

IDentrix Launches Intelligence Platform for Transportation Companies to Identify Insider Threats

BETHESDA, Md., Nov. 30, 2016 – IDentrix, a leading provider of analytics for detecting and deterring insider threat risk solutions, has launched a new Transportation version of its patented platform that continuously evaluates personnel data and proactively alerts organizations to potential employee risks. Instead of merely preparing for an insider attack, transportation organizations gain the powerful ability to fight back against threats and prevent attacks before they even occur.

“Heavy regulations and high employee turnover dominate the transportation sector, which is a dangerous combination for insider threats,” said IDentrix CEO Raj Ananthanpillai “Transportation organizations are currently required to implement pre-hire background checks and to further manage risk with periodic, post-hire checks. However, that creates a gap between those periodic checks that can be potentially devastating to a company’s financial health and the safety of the general public.”

IDentrix uses sophisticated analytics to continually assess personnel risk information drawn from more than 1,500 relevant criminal, financial, and professional data sources. Instead of screening employees only once upon hiring or periodically through their employment, IDentrix provides a near real-time view of an employee’s risk profile and proactively alerts decision makers when that profile changes.

“For transportation organizations, it is vitally important to identify any possible gaps in the background screening process,” said Ananthanpillai. “IDentrix bridges the post-hire security gap to ensure transportation companies can safeguard passengers, the public and cargo while protecting brand reputation and preventing negligence lawsuits.”

The airline industry, in particular, has been a constant target of insider attacks. Following the May 2016 terrorist attack at the Brussels airport, it was revealed that one of the terrorists had been employed as a low-level cleaner for nearly five years, most likely to gain information on safety procedures.

That is why a global airline that flies more than 100 million travelers in 50 countries each year turned to the new IDentrix platform to implement continuous risk monitoring because of concern due the two-year gap between background checks.

“As an airline, one of our concerns is not knowing the criminal history of our workforce,” said the airline’s Director of Internal Security Programs. “If we have employees that are willing to put packages of drugs on an aircraft, what else are they willing to do? IDentrix alerts us of potential criminal conduct so we can get out in front and respond as needed.”

The early results proved those concerns to be warranted as within the first 45 days, the airline found an astounding 1,771 incidents flagged as a warning sign for a potential insider threat. Even more remarkably, the company found that 14 employees were actually deceased and 55 bookings and arrests.

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