June 28, 2016

IDentrix Announces Phil Usatine as Chief Technology Officer

BETHESDA, Md., June 28, 2016 – IDentrix, a leading provider of identity-based risk monitoring solutions, has named Phil Usatine as Chief Technology Officer. Usatine brings nearly three decades of driving product delivery and building businesses for a wide range of industries and technologies. At IDentrix, Usatine will spearhead development of the patented IDentrix platform, which instantly analyzes publically-available data and proactively alerts organizations about employee risk.

“Throughout my career, I have been energized by developing and creating technologies that make a difference,” said Usatine. “IDentrix revolutionizes how organizations counter the rising crisis of insider threats and I am excited to join this vibrant company. Today’s landscape is wrought with vulnerabilities for organizations. IDentrix is the cost-effective way for companies to screen personnel, reduce risk and create a secure work environment.”

“Phil has a proven track record of success,” said Raj Ananthanpillai, CEO of IDentrix. “His leadership will further establish IDentrix as the undisputed leader in continuous risk monitoring.”

Advances in technology have intersected with risk management to provide the critical ability for organizations to fight back against insider threats and prevent attacks that can destroy a brand. IDentrix uses sophisticated analytics to continually assess personnel risk information drawn from all relevant data sources. Instead of screening employees only once upon hiring or periodically through their employment, IDentrix provides a near real-time view of an employee’s risk profile and proactively alerts decision makers when that profile changes.

“The risk an employee poses to their organization begins the day they are hired and evolves on a daily basis,” said Ananthanpillai. “The average insider attack can cost an organization up to $1 million per incident to resolve, not including untold damage to brand reputation and customer trust.”

Prior to joining IDentrix, Usatine was Vice President, Digital Product Development, at Scripps Network, where he led the cloud and DevOps transformation of the world-renowned digital company. His work included driving highly successful and well-received web and mobile products for sites including Food.com and TravelChannel.com. As Vice President of Product Development for healthcare technology firm Prematics, Usatine established the company’s product development capabilities and managed delivery of an advanced e-Prescribing platform. Usatine also served as CTO with Gibson Guitar Corporation, where he began the company’s digital media capabilities and delivered IoT digital audio solutions.

“Phil’s professional career is diverse and impressive,” said Ananthanpillai. “His ability to develop new and exciting ways of delivering technologies to customers is exactly what IDentrix needs as we continue our rapid growth, particularly in the transportation, financial services and healthcare sectors.”

IDentrix is a patented, cloud-based solution that brings together different publically-available identity information sources including criminal and court records. The solution’s cloud-based delivery model is easy-to-deploy, does not require IT resources from customers, and offers subscription-based pricing.

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