Endera provides the industry’s first automated, continuous insider risk assessment platform, scanning thousands of federal, state and county data sources to proactively alert organizations to potential high-risk individuals within their workforce. Our secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, is available as an identity-based, monthly subscription service, accessible from any web browser without any software for IT to install. Originally developed for the federal government to help the FBI screen flight school applicants, Over the past few years, Endera has enhanced its product portfolio and broadened the markets it serves to become a leading provider of personnel risk management and insider threat mitigation for the global enterprise.

Endera History

Endera has a 15-year track record of helping the government combat terrorism, fraud and insider threats by driving 4.5 million screens every day. Our proven methodology connects the dots between employee behavior and potential external motives to predict outcomes that may compromise organizational security.

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