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May 27, 2015

IDentrix Makes Continuous Background Monitoring Available for Public Sector


“Pricing comes in as low as $2 or under depending on the volume, per identity per month. The software allows organizations to not only monitor their own employees’ risk after they are hired, but also that of third-party contractors, suppliers, and partners. IDentrix is currently managing nearly 50,000 identities across the health care, transportation and financial services sectors.”

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May 20, 2015

Is Your Healthcare Data Protected from Internal Threats?

Healthcare Business Today

“Traditional background checks aren’t good enough. They leave managers manually sifting through outdated information, and fail to evolve after an employee is hired. Healthcare organizations need an insider threat detection solution that’s as dynamic as their personnel. The risk to your organization’s reputation, and customer base is too high.”

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May 11, 2015

Beyond the Back Ground Check – IDentrix Offers a Path to Detect the Snowden in your Enterprise


“‘Does your business harbor a Snowden, and would you know if it did?’ Perhaps that is a question on a lot of Infosec
professionals’ minds, yet combating the insider threat is one of those thankless jobs that Infosec professionals are often ill equipped to handle. After all, employees, contractors and other staffers are usually vetted by HR departments, which rely on third party background checking services to validate the potential threat profile of that new staffer.'”

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April 10, 2015

Avoiding Inside Jobs

HRO Today

“Don’t settle for a risk assessment model that isn’t working. The one-time, pre-hire background check aren’t built for today’s environment. Traditional checks leave managers with outdated information that does not equip them to monitor risk over time, leaving their companies vulnerable to threats like fraud, IP and profit loss, workplace violence, and more.
It’s time to take a proactive approach, continuously scan employee data to spot and thwart any nefarious activity before it’s too late.”

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April 1, 2015

InfoZen’s IDentrix provides post-hire screening that continuously evaluates employees and provides risk alerts including insider threats to employers

Government Security News

“Traditional background screening methods aren’t equipped to meet the needs of today’s insider threat environment. Most organizations conduct a one-time background check during the hiring process, which fails to account for constantly evolving life events that impact post-hire personnel risk. Until now, executives have been forced to make security and compliance decisions based on dated background check information that becomes less accurate by the day. IDentrix addresses this critical gap through automated, continuous identity evaluation that alerts executives to potential threats and empowers a proactive approach to ensuring employee safety, protecting intellectual capital, safeguarding assets and streamlining compliance.”

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