Healthcare / Eldercare

Healthcare organizations are heavily regulated in order to ensure patient safety. Failure to conduct ongoing background screenings to continually confirm the validity of employee credentials, licenses and work-related eligibility can lead to costly penalties and even organizational shutdowns.

Post-hire offenses that go unnoticed in healthcare organizations can be damaging to the organization’s legal and compliance status, patient and employee safety, as well as brand reputation.

Endera provides continuous insider threat assessment and background screening solutions that help organizations detect and reduce insider risk within their workforce. Endera bridges the post-hire security gap by automatically alerting organizations when relevant risks emerge, such as criminal activity, drug possession, Medicare fraud or expired professional licenses. Endera improves the scope, frequency and compliance of healthcare organization’s post-hire background screening practices by reducing the delay between when an issue occurs, when it is self-reported or when it is identified in a periodic background re-screen before safety and compliance issues arise.



  • Reduce insider risk within your workforce
  • Increase patient and employee safety
  • Protect brand reputation and prevent negligence lawsuits
  • Improve background screening compliance programs
  • Continuously screen mobile and contracted workforces
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