Financial Services

Employees in the financial services industry have direct access to valuable property, sensitive records and confidential information, such as cash, assets and client accounts. They also may receive commissions or gifts for procuring loans with the ability to commit theft, embezzlement or misapplication; file or make false or misleading bank entries, reports or transactions; conceal assets from a conservator or receiver; commit bank fraud; or obstruct examinations. In these instances, financial services organizations have a heightened risk of fraud, theft and brand reputation damage.

Companies in the financial industry are required to conduct initial, pre-hire background checks based on an employee’s role and access to sensitive information. Some will also conduct post-hire, periodic background screening every few years for certain employees. Endera limits the potential for liability once the initial background check is done by alerting companies to potentially damaging employee behavior, such as arrests, criminal activity, civil judgments or financial issues.

Endera’s continuous insider threat assessment solution helps financial services companies detect and reduce insider risk within their workforce so organizations can investigate and take action before a work-related event takes place.



  • Identify employees at risk of committing fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing or violent activities that put other employees or customers at risk
  • Enhance compliance with FDIC Section 19, FINRA Background Check Rule 3110, the Patriot Act, and the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Reduce organizational exposure to negligent hiring lawsuits or misconduct lawsuits
  • Reduce organizational liability and reputation risk
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