Critical Infrastructure Case Study

A company that supports a critical infrastructure provider administers identity verification and personnel assurance solutions to help public agencies and private enterprises validate the credentials of workers needing access to sensitive information, secure facilities or critical infrastructure. After 9/11, the company co-founded a background screening program consisting of a trusted community of more than 30,000 contractors, 40 local unions and seven regional transportation agencies responsible for maintaining critical infrastructure and regional facilities, such as airports, rail and bus terminals, bridges and tunnels.

The Insider Risk Challenge

The organization must comply with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other regulatory guidelines for verifying identity credentials, employment affiliations and background screening to identify Disqualifying Criminal Offenses within the workforce. Although mandatory re-screening is required for all contractors every three years, the company was concerned unknown criminal offenses that occurred in between each periodic re-screening could still pose a significant security risk and compromise continued employment eligibility.

The Endera Solution

Endera delivered a more consistent, timely and accurate insider threat management solution, more cost-effective than manual background checks and more reliable than contractor self-reporting. The company was easily able to enroll more than 30,000 contractors, monitor thousands of public data sources and receive near real-time risk alerts for disqualifying criminal offenses requiring further investigation to determine secure worker eligibility. Not only did Endera’s secure, cloud-based platform address strict regulatory compliance guidelines, but it helped to fulfill the organization’s reporting and analytics requirements.

The Results

During the first three months, Endera detected over 800 incidents, allowing the integrator to independently investigate, verify and disqualify 24 contractors from continued eligibility, access and employment who would not have been screened until their periodic background check. These critical security procedures helped the organization identify and prevent undesirable individuals from using temporary employment to gain unrestricted site access to the region’s air, rail and bus terminals and infrastructure.



  • Enrolled 30,000 contractors in continuous threat management
  • Monitored thousands of data sources for potential risk
  • Detected over 800 incidents within the first three months
  • Independently verified and investigated relevant alerts
  • Disqualified 24 workers from the secure worker program


“Our biggest vulnerability is the time between individuals’ recurring background investigations. With Endera, we can save 40 percent of traditional screening costs by continuously relying on public record alerts that warrant further investigation, rather than blindly and continuously screening large populations.”

Chief Executive Officer, Critical Infrastructure Supporting Company

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